Bridging the cultural divide

At Raksul, we like to promote employee empowerment and know that no one likes to be micromanaged. We know that time off is important so we actively encourage staff to take holidays. We also encourage socializing during and after work and run numerous events for staff to form strong relationships, but above all, we value diversity.

We know that diversity is more than a buzzword. This is because diversity doesn’t just give you access to better talent, it allows you to better understand both your clients and your customers, which means you can then deliver an even better service. We also believe that diversity cannot be forced and needs to be nurtured over time as a key foundation of our corporate culture.

Various types of diversity exist within Raksul: nationality, background, and even working style. It is our belief that by recognizing diversity and preparing an environment, where talented people with passion and skills can work comfortably, it will lead to new value creation.

Currently, we have talent from 11 different nations working with us including representatives from China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, US, Australia and more. As of March 1st, 2019, we are happy to welcome our newest member from Brazil.

This is just one step in our larger vision of nurturing diversity. We seek to one day stand toe to toe with global leaders as one of the premier destinations to work at in Japan. We want to not only be able to attract the best people, but also to provide them with the absolute best working environment.

In the words of our CFO, Yo Nagami:

“We want to create a company that excellent people join and are active in regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc. Being able to achieve this is a true competitive advantage for an organization”

Here are some examples of what we are currently doing to create a more diverse workplace.

#1 Multicultural socializing initiatives

We believe that everyone is responsible for diversity, which is why we encourage foreign staff members to share their culture with the company and offer many socializing opportunities for everyone. There are always new and fun events to take part in including cultural exchange events, language exchange events, annual employee retreats and bring-your-family-to-work days. We also have many interest clubs (e.g. movie, table tennis, yoga, futsal, cooking and board games) that we operate in order to foster and promote communication.

“Last month, we had an international lunch event to celebrate India’s famous Holi Festival. Robin Garhwal, our product manager from India, treated everyone to a delicious celebration. For this type of cultural event, a staff member is given a budget for organizing it the goal of which is to introduce culture from their home country. Personally, my favorite part of the corporate culture here is Friday afternoon drinks. I love how people just chill out on Friday afternoons and have a beer at the office. This is a great way to get to know your colleagues and create great working relationships.” – Stuart R.

#2 Language support programs

We know that language is an essential part of culture, which is why we offer all staff members a language support program, where Japanese classes are available for foreign staff members, and English classes are available for Japanese-speaking staff members. We also offer opportunities to encourage innovation through the exchange of ideas across language and geographical locations, such as support for participation in overseas conventions, subsidies for self-improvement books & workshops, and collaborations with engineers from other companies such as Google.

“Raksul thoroughly encourages continued education and personal development, as can be seen in their sponsorship of programs such as employees’ Japanese and English language classes, as well as technical courses, lectures, and texts.” – Ryan M.

#3 Staying true to who you are

We want people to be themselves at work. We want people to have the freedom to be who they are and to work in a way that is comfortable to them, which is why at Raksul, you can sit where you want, you can wear what you want, and you can work how you want. Inside the office, we have assigned seating, but if you want to work on the couch, at a standing desk, in a private room, or even at home, you totally can. In regards to your working hours, we operate a flexitime system where you come to the office for your core time, then you are free to do the rest of your shift at your convenience. We want to build a working environment that is comfortable and free-spirited, where everyone can openly share ideas, initiate discussions, or just have a chat over coffee anytime, anywhere.

“I love the company’s working style. When I came here for my job interview, I was surprised by the grooming and appearance of the employees. Most of them were wearing casual clothes and even beach slippers! When I asked about the dress code, the interviewer told me that I could wear whatever I wanted here. Before the interview, I had a strong image of workers in Japan always wearing suits. After talking to the interviewer, I had a completely new image of what working in Japan could be like.” – Riki S.

These are just a few of the ways Raksul is embracing diversity and becoming a more global company. We are truly excited to see what comes next for Raksul and how the corporate culture will continue to change and evolve as we move closer and closer to our goal of being the best place to work in Japan.

We are actively looking for talent, regardless of nationality and background. To join the Raksul team, drop us a message today and let’s see how we can work together!

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